Present Research areas:

Dissertation Project: Health and Family Foodwork

  • My dissertation project is situated within the intersections of food, family and health. Entitled “Health and Cooking in Value and Practice: A Mixed Methods Study of Food in Family Life”, this research explores the meanings that people attribute to food work, in order to learn how food values become translated (or not) into practices for people living in diverse social positions. The goal of this research is to examine how healthy eating is embedded in unequal social structures and individual interactions, while simultaneously recognizing the existence of an obesogenic foodscape that shapes how and why we cook. I approach my research with multiple methods, applying interviews, participant observation, statistical data analysis, and a discourse analysis. This research is conducted under the supervision of Josée Johnston, with Shyon Baumann and Melissa Milkie as additional committee members. Research began on this project in the summer of  2016.

Food and Femininity

  • I am currently working on two book chapters with Kate Cairns and Josée Johnston on the topic of food and femininity, one reviewing femininity within ethical consumption entitled “A Kind Diet: Cultivating consumer politics, status, and femininity through ethical eating” (currently in press in The Handbook of Food and Popular Culture), and the another exploring the work of feeding children, entitled “Calibrating Motherhood” (forthcoming in Feeding Children).
  • I also worked as an RA for Kate Cairns and Josée Johnston in 2014 in support of their book Food and Femininity.

Foodie Culture

  • I conducted original research in 2013 with foodies who also identify as people of colour, in order to explore the ethno-racial inequalities permeating foodie culture for a practicum research project. This work has been published in Cultural Sociology. It  was also recently featured on the UofT Sociology’s research blog in a series dedicated to highlighting successful publications from the practicum program.
  • I also conducted RA work with Josée Johnston and Shyon Baumann in support of publication of the second edition of Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foolscape in 2014.

Domestic Division of Labour within Families

  • I am working as an RA with Blair Wheaton (alongside Co-PI’s Marisa Young and Shirin Montazer) on a SSHRC funded longitudinal, quantitative study entitled, “The Intergenerational Transmission of Gender Egalitarian Family Environments: A Follow up Study”. This research investigates how differences between the work and family roles of parents in the 1990s have played out in the lives of their children, now entering mid-adulthood.
  • I am also currently working on a publication with Blair Wheaton using cross-national international social survey (ISSP) data on family and gender roles related to, “The Relevance of Women’s Resources on Household Gender Inequality Across Class and National Context”.

Past Research:

2011-2012: Community University Partnership for the Study of Children, Youth and Families Program; Families First Edmonton. Here I worked under Maria Mayan to support knowledge translation for a community-based research project.

2011-2012: Research Consultant with Resilient Solutions Consulting. In support for a supply chain analysis of: Local Food Supply Chains in Alberta: Case Studies from the Saskatoon, Potato and Lamb Sectors. Final report can be found here.


2010-2011: Community-Based Research Intern at the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers. This research encompassed developing a proposal to applying social return on investment (SROI) to  EMCN’s Bridges program.